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Wedding Saudara .
Friday, 1 April 2011 | 19:40 | 0 comments
Yeyeah !! ary ny dapat jmpe sdre2 aq smue ..Rndo beno aq kt diowg nyh !! kiteowg smue mau pegy ke Kluang hari ini sbb ade wedding ..Hrm ,, To Sofea Hudson "Sorry babe cuz x dapat celebrate sesama birthday kaw hari nyh ,,nnt hari isnin aq bawak hadiah kaw eh sys" !! My cousin Iqyn Asyiqin ,,Sofea Syahirah ,, Nur Sabrina ,,Amir Aqhar ,,Asyiq Aiman ,, Afiq Husin dan my little brother Luqman Husin wait for me oke ?? Ohoi ! smue da siap2 to , aq jek sowg yg belom mnd nyh .. Mampoz x layan !! Tata guys

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