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Trip To Melaka !
Friday, 18 March 2011 | 09:02 | 0 comments
Hari ny aq b'same2 sdre aq pegy ke sebuah negeri yg b'sejarah iaitu Melaka pegy ke planetrium ary nyh aww !! dpt posing2 ngn Dato Dr.Sheikh Muzaffar ,,tpy weyh !! ade tpy 2 ,,dgn gmba je lahh ..gilew ape btol2 ,klu btol aq kompem xbalek weyh !! gilew kw ,angkasawan to !! nsem lax uh ..HAHA !! benggap jep ,,then aq tgk teater 3D ..t'kjot2 aq dlm uh !! yg best nyer aq sempat agy tdo ..HAHA !! haha lgy ,,ape seyh ..sbnrnye aq xtw nk cer ape nyh ..k lahh !! CHAW !!

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