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Penat nyer !!
Friday, 25 March 2011 | 21:25 | 0 comments
Perghh !! pnt seyh ary ny gotong - royong kat skola ..Ceh2 ,cm byk sgt je aq buad kje ek ??!! padahal cipot je buad kje ,,lepak je memanjang . Kepada Mirza Farzana : Kaw kte nk dtg !! Biadap betoi la dye nyh ,,Siea jep !! (siap kw ary isnin) aq sepak kw laju2 ..Hahaha ! bgy mampoz !! Hmm ,, alorhh !! ary ny kne gunting rambot la pulax !! Haaaa.... Mama ,adek xnk gunting larhhh !!!

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