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Monday, 14 March 2011 | 18:55 | 0 comments
Alhamdulillah ,,cukop 2 bulan aq couple ngn dye ..hehe !!stakat nyh kteowg still oke lgy ,,tpy mlm tdy dye crix psl ngn aq dpt tw dye m8 ngn adq agkt dye ,,aq xd la mrh juz benggang la ..time aq nk m8 ngn abg agkt aq dye mrh ,da xrety2 nk tw ke aq pon mrh ..huh !!paz uh dye pnye pujok aq ..perhhh !!ayt dye ,,cair aq HAHA !!BTW esox mau kuo sama dye xsabo gilew doe !!excited taw ,,k la aq nk m8 dye nyh ..bubye !! sayang korunk !!

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